The Joint Aviation Authority (JAA) has now been replaced by the European Aviation Safety Agency known as EASA. This change will have little impact on those looking to fly in Europe, and convert their FAA license to an EASA license. The burden of this change is mainly on the regulatory bodies and the Approved Training Organizations (ATO's) formally known as FTO's, of which Gulf Coast Training Solutions is ATO 0002! Why does it PAY to have a EASA License? Countries outside of the USA have pay and working conditions that US airlines would never dream of offering to their pilots. And we are not just talking about Europe. Asia and the Middle East give preferential hiring to the holders of a EASA License. Consider these benefits:
  • Pay Rates at least Twice the US average
  • Hired with a Major Airline into a B-737 or A-320 with less than 1000 hours
  • Scheduled weekends off
  • Married Schedules (To improve your quality of life)
  • Full Pay in Training and no double occupancy in hotels
  • Many other great quality of life perks not seen in the US
Is the Process a Conversion or Additional License? Once you have the EASA license, you will still have your original license. Converting means using your current experience to reduce the requirments for the EASA License. This course is for Private Pilots right through to high time Airline Transport Pilots who wish to fly in Europe and Asia and the Middle East. Training for the EASA License Conversion You could be studying from you own home for the EASA ATPL exams, yet be so close to support from EASA Qualified Instructors. The process to convert your FAA license to a EASA license (soon to be known as EASA) has historically been a daunting task to under take. That is no longer the case. Whilst we cannot remove the requirements, we will help you through the process in a way that you will find familiar to FAA courses and breeze through the exams.
  • Easy FAA to EASA Conversion Process
  • Support from EASA Instructors
  • Full Color Reference Manuals in CD-Rom or Printed Manuals
  • Access to the Online Question Bank & Integrated Learning Environment
  • Great Pass Rates