Conversion Process

The course that you have to take to obtain the EASA license will be dependent upon the current license you hold. The conversion of your ICAO license to a EASA ATPL has been laid down in the regulations of EASA Part FCL (formally known as JAR FCL 1) and for further evaluation; you may submit a request to us, or to the UK CAA.

Zero Time Pilots

If you are just starting out in your career, we recommend our training partner European American Aviation. Please have a look at programs on offer.

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Low Time Pilots Course

If you are already the holder of a Private or Commercial License, then this is the required FAA to EASA conversion course. Our full conversion course is designed to be easy and flexible.

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High Time Pilots Course

This process is for higher time pilots and is much simpler than those without the valuable "Multi Pilot Time". The process has been reduced to acknowledge the experience those pilots already possess.

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