ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Tests for those with Multi Pilot Time

If you have an ICAO ATP and more than 500 hours on Multi Pilot Aircraft:

Your Requirements in Brief
  • Pass 14 Written Exams
  • Obtain a First Class Medical
  • Pass Training as Required in a Flight Simulator
Details of the Conversion Process The process for higher time pilots is much simpler than those without the valuable "Multi Pilot Time". The process has been reduced to acknowledge the experience to those pilots. The multi pilot time can be accepted if it is etiher as PIC or SIC. ICAO ATPL (A) holders who meet the requirements for the issue of an EASA ATP in accordance with EASA Part FCL, and have a valid multi pilot aircraft type rating will be exempted from the requirements to complete an approved TRTO course . These pilots are also exempt time spent in class for the ATPL theoretical knowledge tests. You should note however that with the new European Central Question Bank (ECQB), students are seeing new questions for the first time in many years.

It has now been shown that question recognition (memorizing the question bank) is no longer effective for passing the exams.

So what does that mean? Well, first of all you will not be required to fly piston aircraft to obtain the license. Most at this stage have spent some time away from small aircraft and dread the thought of having to familiarize themselves with a new type. In this case you will have to complete training as required in the aircraft simulator on which you have more than 500 hours. 'Training as required' is obviously a broad statement, but if you are current, it shouldn't pose a problem. It is really like a PC check but to EASA standards. Although Gulf Coast Training Solutions is not actively involved in this part of the process at this time, we do have contacts to guide you to, so that your conversion is a seamless process. Please note that if your multi pilot time has been logged on a single pilot aircraft, but under an operator certificate which requires two pilots, the multi crew time can be used towards the issue of the licence, but not towards a reduction in the training requirements.ATPL Theoretical Knowledge without Help!

How Gulf Coast Training Solutions can help you with the ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Tests.

You will still need to pass the 14 ATPL theoretical knowledge tests, and this  can still be the daunting process. So that is what Gulf Coast Training Solutions does for you. Approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency for the conduct of the EASA ATPL Training Course, we only specialize in the 14 written examinations so that you have the most up to date information and material. This means you can get through the written exams in as little as 3 to 6 months depending on how many hours per week you can dedicate to the course. The material is available in paper notes, or in CD-Rom format, both coupled with an online classroom so that when you travel and get to your overnight location or crew room, you can simply log on and continue studying. With more than 10,000 questions at your disposal, when you head to the exam room you will be ready for the first time pass. The course can be split in to two or three very manageable phases. Each 'Phase' contains the following:
  • Full Color Course Manuals
  • Access to the Online Classroom with Questions, the Course Manuals and Forums for support
  • Support by EASA approved instructors
  • A Pre-Exam consolidation course (Not a requirement at this level, but a valuable resource at no extra charge)
  • Exam application processing
  • Access to our custom Ipad Application
Have a look at the screen shots on the "Courses" page to see the online classroom. Once completed you will be the holder of a EASA ATPL with a EASA type rating for the aircraft that you have more than 500 hrs on. Its that simple!

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