So you have just started on your new career path to become an airline pilot in Europe. But where do you begin?  Our EASA Airline Pilot Program is designed specifically for new pilots looking for an exciting career in aviation as an EASA trained pilot. Along with our training partner European American Aviation you can now train from zero flight time to an FAA and EASA CPL! Two licenses - one great product!

EASA Cleared Direct

The 'EASA Cleared Direct' Airline Pilot Program is designed to train you in a professional environment to the high standards demanded by airlines today. Many schools in Europe and the USA advertise “professional flight training” – but few match the standards of Europe American Aviation's Cleared Direct Program. The reason? Our staff, instructors and facilities. Our APP instructors are unrivalled in flight and instructional experience, and have successfully trained cadets for a variety of airlines worldwide. By applying common airline flight operations procedures to our training programme – starting at a cadet’s very first flight – graduates are equipped with skills, attitudes and aptitudes to pass airline selection procedures and interviews, first time The 'EASA Cleared Direct' is pay as you go!  You pay as you fly a fixed rate dual for each phase of the course, and each time you fly we bill you.  Just keep a positive balance to fly daily! When you start the course you will pay the a $1,000 deposit for each course, PPL, EASA ATPL, FAA IR, FAA CPL, as you finish each course you have your deposit credited back to you to spend on the next course. The courses start every two months, and comprise the following elements:
  • FAA Private Pilots License
  • EASA ATPL Ground School
  • FAA Instrument Rating
  • 100 Hours Pilot in Command time
  • FAA Commercial
The advantages of this program over other 'similar' advertised programs, are:
  • Diamond Brilliance Center
  • G1000 Fleet
  • No Fuel Surcharges
  • Professional yet personal training environment
  • Instructors that have actually been through the program
  • No Pre-Payment Plan

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