Here are a few EASA ATPL reviews from those who have trained with Gulf Coast Training Solutions and the Head of Training...

As an FAA commercial Pilot and Instructor, the 14 atpl exams were for me the biggest obstacle yet. Thanks to GCTS they became an enjoyable learning experience rather than a mere obstacle. I have found in Steve and the whole team a guide and a mentor, ready to do his very best to help you in any way you may need, from career planning to the most specific question across the broad spectrum of the 14 subjects.
Nowadays the CAA will try to surprise you with many new questions REGARDLESS of the question bank you may use, GCTS is well aware of this fact and puts a special emphasis on areas of study never questioned before. This is how I was able to finish in the minimum time established by the course, 6 months, passing all the subjects on first attempt and with an average of 91%. I have recently successfully passed an assessment with Ryanair and I used books, notes and study material from my ATPL studies with GCTS . I would recommend it to anybody that is about to undertake this steep hike.

20150614_195248 I have recently completed the 14 ATPL exams, first time passes and with a final average score above 90 % . Now I can certainly say that I will never forget all of those days spent at home or in the classroom studying continuously the ATPL subjects. All of it requested big efforts and perseverance, but thankfully I had fantastic instructors. Their passion for teaching and aeronautic knowledge were really appreciable, it would have been much much harder without their help.  Special greetings for Abner. Gianluca Nanut
GCTS has been my home for the past 6 months and, alongside it's dedicated team, has helped me to achieve and get through all 14 ATPL examinations with an average of 91%. Thanks to the whole team, i am now able to move on and i am now one step closer to achieving my goal. The level of instructor support shows the passion of this team and  the time dedicated to students' questions about any syllabus topic was second to none, this is the recipe for students' success and helps them expand on their knowledge of the aviation world and become that little bit better than just any ordinary flight student. Hamza Terfani
Two years ago I traveled all the way from Europe to USA to attend the ATPL fast track offered by DA15A29E-469C-461D-9156-C40FE53E1C95Gulf Coast Training Solutions. After 6 months I was able to complete all the exams, achieving first time pass in all subjects and I was ready to move on my training. Steve's team is highly competent and professional as well as experienced. Based on my personal experience i would highly recommend the academy to anyone who wishes to pursue the professional Airline career and wishes to strive for a professional education with high standards. Noemi Prat, fATPL
EASA ATPL Distance Learning From the very beginning of my ATPL course at Gulf Coast Training Solutions I felt the professionalism. The staff welcomed us very nicely, give us a brief about the facility and the course itself. Throughout the whole course, the instructors where extremely professional, friendly, and always wanted to help, even if that means staying with me outside of class hours, explaining subjects or questions that I didn't fully understand at class or at home, always with a great sense of patience. The learning environment of the class is very comfortable and suits to the level of studying. The staff prepared us very well to the ATPL exams in all manners, learning objectives, advises on scheduling the exams and mentally. After 6 months of training at GCTS I would definitely recommend It without any doubt as great place to study for the ATPL exams. Guy Meir
EASA ATPL StudentMy name is Paolo Donzelli, I just graduated from the EASA ATPL course and I feel to suggest the Gulf Coast Training Solution program to everyone willing to learn, in a very professional environment, from competent and highly knowledgeable instructors with a solid background in the world of aviation and to successfully complete all the 14 exams. The ground school during the morning covers quickly but accurately the elements in the syllabus focusing on “what the teachers know You will need more” leaving to the student useful time in the afternoon to deepen and master the topics, reading from complete books and questioning himself with a wide pool of exam type questions. Paolo Vittorio Donzelli 04-13-2015  
  I would like to thank the whole team at GCTS for the incredible support and teaching during my ATPL exams. the standard of tuition was excellent and we had everything we needed to make sure we were fully prepared to take the exams. the instructors were professional throughout and were always making themselves available if we had any further questions or seeked help! I completed all exams first time with a 89% average and I couldn't of done that without GCTS's help! Michael Medley Distance Learning Plus  
I have just completed my ATPL distance learning course with Gulf Coast Training Solutions.IMG-20140917-WA0000 Although it was extremely difficult and a lot of hard work, I could not have done it without the professionalism and help from Steve Gibbins. Steve and his teachers are totally dedicated to helping you with their passion for teaching and incredible range of knowledge. The study app the school provides is brilliant and it even works offline! They really did provide me with all the tools and support I needed to complete this challenging course via distance learning. I would highly recommend Gulf Coast Training Solutions to anyone thinking of training to become a pilot. Anna Malsam
avincze"After years in the US flying for a part 121 and multiple part 135 operators in Alaska I decided to return to Europe. I didn't have much information about Gulf Coast Training Solution but Stave was very knowledgeable about the entire conversion process so I choose his distance learning program. I was able to finish the course in 8 moths next to a full time job in Alaska. His instructors were knowledgeable and helpful. The stuff worked around my schedule so I can archive my goal. I would recommend Gulf Coast Training Solution to any present an future aviators" Andras Vincze, FAA ATP
Having just received the results for my final exams I would like to thank you and you team at Gulf Coast Training Solutions. This has been one of the more challenging training events throughout my flying career to date. Without you and your teams dedication, patience and in-depth knowledge of the 14 subjects it would have been difficult to get through these exams with first time passes saving me valuable time and money while balancing a busy flying job. I would not hesitate to recommend you and your company in the future. Steve Hutchins Corporate Legacy 600/650 Captain
"I just received my EASA ATPL in the mail yesterday and the great majority of the thanks goes to Steve Gibbins and his team at InnsbrukGulf Coast Training Solutions! I have been a professional pilot for nearly 35 years both in the military and in civil aviation and I have rarely met someone with more expertise in his field, professionalism and dedication than Steve. He was always just a phone call away (I completed the course by distance learning) and always provided the explanations I needed promptly and accurately. I completed the 14 required exams with an average mark of 91%. Steve guided me through every step of the process from start to finish...even after I had successfully completed the 14 exams Steve's guidance was invaluable helping me to arrange my First Class Medical Examination, my Initial License Skills Test and my English Language Proficiency exam. It certainly could not have been accomplished so smoothly without Gulf Coast's and Steve's help. I highly recommend Gulf Coast Training Solutions for any pilot seeking an EASA license! Dave Samson, ASA ATPL(A) GV/IR"
EASA and EASA Licensed Pilot   Gulf Coast Training Solutions is a top-notch aviation learning institution...the course work, interactive tools, and classroom prep in my opinion are second to none.  The instructors on numerous occasions went above and beyond to answer my questions ensuring full understanding of the material.  GCTS has my highest recommendation! Herb. G (USAF Major)  
"I'm very pleased to recommend Gulf Coast Training Solutions for the transition from the FAA license to the EASA ATPL.   Gulf Coast and Steve Gibbins provided a very structured and methodical process every step of the way.  Any questions I had were always promptly addressed, I was well prepared for each of the exams, and I passed each one on the first sitting! Thanks again Steve!" Greg S. (G-550 Pilot)
EASA ATPL Exam Studying for ATPL's was a very challenging and demanding task, but Gulf Coast Training Solutions made the whole experience manageable and very student friendly.
From the very start I received a great support from HOT Steve Gibbins and all the teachers. Course on-line class and question bank were very sufficient, easy to access and navigate through. Every email and query got an immediate response and the explanations to the questions regarding syllabus were very professional and easy to understand. The whole program is very well constructed and makes it easy to study and brush up course at the end of each module is a very good preparation for the exams. Thanks to Gulf Coast Training Solutions I was able to complete my ATPLs in 5 months, with an average first time pass of 96.5% !!!
Aggie Kurek - EASA CPL holder
EASA License Conversion EASA ATPL I have had the pleasure to have been under Steve’s guidance throughout all 14 written EASA ATPL exams. Steve’s vast knowledge combined with his professionalism will make sure you go into the exam 100% prepared. With a huge amount of work required to pass all 14 exams it’s vital that you have the support and guidance to see you through to the end. Steve’s has the ability to break down the subjects and easily explain even the most difficult of topics is an easy to understand manner. I passed all 14 written exams first time with an average mark of 94%. I can’t speak highly enough of Steve and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. Darren Mahedy - 737-800 First Officer in Ireland
EASA Pilot   I had over 10 years of FAA Part 121 flight experience, most of it as a captain, when I decided to add the JAR license to my credentials.  I had acquired the Canadian ATPL only a year earlier, but the European license was a real eye-opener.  Had it not been for Steve’s profound knowledge of the subject matters I might not have passed at all—certainly not with the high marks I got.  Steve has an uncanny ability to explain the most complex topics in a concise and meaningful manner. M.A. Battiste - B767 FO  
I had been a professional flight instructor for a Part 141 flight school for almost 2 years, before deciding to add a JAR ATPL license to my resume.  The preparation for the 14 exams was not an easy task, but I know that the extensive knowledge I gained will serve me very well in the future. However, had it not been for Steve and his in depth familiarity with the subjects, I doubt that I would have passed all 14 exams on the first attempt. I ended up with a 95% average overall, and I attribute most of that to Steve’s ability to explain even the most complex of topics in an easy to understand manner. Michael Krieger - CFI, CFII, MEI (Former DCA Cirrus Instructor)
  ATPL theory was a very big challenge for myself and even though I didn't train with GCTS, I did study under the head of training who was excellent! Steve's in depth knowledge of the subjects shows as he has knack of making the most complex of subjects very simple and straight forward to understand. Not only did i find the ATPL theory fun, i also passed all 14 exams! A big thank you to Steve for all his help and advice through out the course. Ian McCulloch - EASA ATPL ME/IR
  Studying for the ATPL exams was one of the most challenging tasks I have had to accomplish in my pilot career. The exams require in depth knowledge of the subjects to get successful results. Gulf Coast Training Solution's program is very well built and guides you through your studies. Head of Training, Steve, was very helpful and was always ready to answer any questions I may have with the material. I also found the question banks very helpful and adequate. I never faced a surprise question in the real exams. I was under a time constraint when I started my studies and Steve was able to accommodate me, and work with me in scheduling the modules that would best fit my schedule. I was able to pass my ATPLs in 3 months, all first time passes, with an average of 93%. I am very happy with my results and could not have done it without the help of Gulf Coast Training Solutions. Omer Sinayis - CPL (Finished the whole course in 3 months)

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