Our top of the line, hand picked instructors and the extensive training in the EASA learning objectives ensure that they are completely capable of delivering the highest quality instruction and advice to all of our customers. In addition, all of our instructors have to go through extensive EASA inspections, and be approved by the authorities for the posts they hold.
Steve Gibbins -Accountable Manager and Head of Training As the Head of Training and our Chief Ground Instructor, Steve has overseen the training of over 700 EASA ATPL students through the course of 10 years instructing in the EASA ATPL system. Steve also holds both EASA and FAA licenses.
Phil Ratcliff - Senior Instructor and Deputy Head of Training As a former USAF navigator, Phil brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. Phil has also been a former Chief Ground Instructor for the EASA ATPL syllabus, a position held by only a handful of qualified personnel. He has also spent 5 years working in Qatar as a EASA instructor.
Matthew Adams - Compliance Monitoring Manager and Safety Manager. Matthew is a CRJ-700 pilot with more than 12 years in aviation. A former RAF officer, Matthew is both EASA and FAA licensed, and is also an EASA license examiner. Matthews knowledge of the EU regulations and calm influence in implementing them has directly resulted in GCTS becoming the first JAA FTO to be granted EASA ATO status in the USA.
Kirsten Cogoni - Office Manager Kristen joined the team in 2012 in administration and quickly showed her ability to run the front office. Often the main point of contact for students where administration questions are to be answered, Kristen works with Matthew to ensure that GCTS maintains the approval to the highest standard.

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